3 Tips on Caring for Curly Hair

Curly hair is usually quite difficult to maintain. Most curly hair straight hair missed an easy set up and shaped. But if the hair is curly cared for properly will produce curls nice and beautiful to the eye.berikut 5 cara menyuburkan rambut rontok



Here are 3 tips on caring for curly hair that can help make your curly hair into a charming:

Do not brush / comb your hair
Combing curly hair, especially when dry hair will only separate the strands of hair from each other. This is great for straight hair to curly hair but it just means that each hair just will ‘become curly’ on it’s own. The result is an irregular tangled hair. Just brush it while wet, after washing the hair, and only with a wide-toothed comb. Meeting toothed comb that can make the hair getting tangled so unattractive.
Do not dry your hair
If your hair is naturally curly, you should not dry with a hair dryer. It can make your hair separated and ends with curly hair like a lion. Let hair dry naturally, so that groups of hair strands together and you will get kinky right. If you need to dry your hair, for example, if your hair is thick enough, then just blow dry the hair roots and leave the rest to dry naturally. The exception is if you want to set straight hair. Blow dry and then use catokan to straighten.
Use the right hair products
Many shampoos, conditioners and styling products specifically for curly hair. Use products containing moisturizing ingredients to prevent frizz. Using current mousse to damp hair can help maintain a healthy appearance curly hair.

For those of you who have trouble caring for curly hair, article 3 of curly hair care tips below to help you make reference to make your curly hair look even more beautiful.

Good luck.