44 Years prisoned, Otis Johnson Confused Looking at The Times Square

Otis Johnson stunned when stepping into Times Square, New York City. Many people walk back and forth in the region with a blank face and wires in their ears. He confusion in the middle of the crowd.

The era of Steve Jobs never felt by Johnson. He withdrew from social life since 1975 or exactly when he entered the chamber in prison for killing a police officer. In the August 2014 ago, he was released from prison after serving for 44 years. When you first enter prison, Johnson was 25 years old. Now, he has berusai 69 years.
Supposedly, Johnson could be out of prison earlier than already scheduled. However, his sentence plus eight months because at the age of 17 years, he never shoplifting goods in stores. As a result, when out of prison he sees the world has changed a lot.

Feeling confused and amazed experienced Johnson reminds us of the story of seven young pious asleep in a cave for more than 300 years. Stories about them are known by the name of Ashabul Kahf.

After prison, Johnson was given an Identification Card (KTP), a bundle of documents that explain the criminal cases he had done, money supplies 40 dollars and two bus tickets. Decades of life behind bars makes Johnson dropped out of communication with his family. Now she has no family to take shelter. He now relies on compassion at the Fortune Society, a charity that gives shelter to former prisoners.

To fill his days lonely, Johnson involved in religious activities near where he lived. He also regularly practiced tai chi and meditation. Whenever ambushed saturated, he walked around the city of New York while observing the people around him. He then returned to the shelter Fortune Society at 9 pm and shut himself in a blanket

Johnson confusion is one of a handful of prisoners in the United States (US) who spent decades of his life behind bars. In 2013 then, statistical data the US Bureau of Justice Statistics show there are about 3,900 prisoners were released from prison after serving at least 20 years in jail. That amount, less than 0.7 percent of the total number of prisoners released during the year.

Prison Reformation

In November 2015, about 6,000 prisoners were released. United States Sentencing Commission said in the release, it was release earlier a drug smuggler.

Not many know, towards the end of his term, US President, Barack Obama, to make prison reform as a priority. In a speech at Rutgers University, he highlighted the need for prisoners to be able to resume their education, job training to get a decent place to live.

“It’s not too late. There are those who have passed the most difficult period in life. They make mistakes and pass a little help, they can go back to the right path, “Obama said.

Prison reform carried Obama to give a little help start making an impact. In 2014, the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows the population of inmates across the US fell to the lowest level since 2005.

However, the data also showed the latest from 1999 to 2014, the number of prisoners who stepped on after 55 years and older than age that grew up to 250 percent. While prisoners aged under 55 years grew only eight percent.

The Ministry of Justice saw elderly prisoners numbering nearly half a million people is a serious problem. Because the supply cost of the house and eating for the elderly was not cheap. The elderly former convicts must be reintroduced in public life after decades of living in exile.

The problem that presented the US Justice Department was not a bluff. Because that is the reality faced by ex-prisoners as Johnson, an aging prison. In addition to the confusion of living in the midst of an era that has changed, not a lot of elderly prisoners suffered mental problems, adjustment and other side effects after living in isolation in the long term.