Many natural ingredients that are useful to increase endurance so that the body is not susceptible to disease. Antibiotics are naturally more widely used because it is herbal and traditional so it does not cause side effects. The function of antibiotics is against germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause various diseases. Ranging from mild illness such as colds, coughs up dangerous diseases such as cancer.

natural antibiotic ingredients

Herbal Antibiotics are able to maintain the condition of the body remains fit, healthy, and prevent the emergence of various diseases. Several types of traditional ingredients may already be familiar to you. Let’s say fruit sweet orange , lemon, ginger, honey and garlic.You may often see it, wear it, and consume it but do not know yet remarkable efficacy of this herbal ingredients.

5 Types of Natural Antibiotics To Increase Endurance Body

  1. pure honey

    Honey is an herbal medicine since antiquity, since modern medicine yet. Consumption of honey regularly proven to ward off various health disorders. The content of natural compounds in it to function as antibiotics to increase the power of the body, maintain the health to beauty care for skin and lips.

  2. Garlic

    Garlic or garlic seasoning is one that is often used by the mother in the cooking process. Bulbs of onion can be used as traditional medicine to fight infections and health problems such as earaches, colds, flu, and pneumonia. Herbal ingredients that one can help boost the immune system while reducing the risk of heart disease and take care of the cleanliness of nails ,

  3. Ginger

    Ginger or ginger become an important ingredient in various types of herbal ingredients from China. Thanks to its potency as a natural antibiotic, ginger widely used in herbal medicine liquid, capsule until the candy. Actually many creations that nourish a warm drink made ​​from ginger such as ginger , fruit and vegetable juices and a variety of other traditional beverages.

  4. Echinacea

    Of plant species is widely grown in North America and Europe.Thanks to contain natural substances in it, Echinacea is often used to treat wounds and bacterial infections. Not only that, these plants can also help prevent diseases by enhancing the immune system. The extract echinacea able to sterilize and treat eczema, psoriasis, and heal the wounds of the skin due to sunburn.

  5. Vitamin C

    One type of vitamin that is essential for endurance. Vitamin C is able to fight infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and germs that enter the body. Naturally, fruit with high content of vitamin C such as citrus fruits believed to accelerate the healing of the flu at the same time restore the body fitness.

The continued development of modern science, materials and natural herbal increasingly proven to fight the disease or just keeping health conditions. Similarly, a natural antibiotic that is not only able to heal the sick, but also beneficial for health care, preventing disease, and certainly easy to find.