I as an online businessman has so much curiosity about everything, especially in the field of internet marketing which is essential for the survival of my business today and in the future. I myself here move as a seller of theme design and content would be very requires a special technique where my sales could increase and lead to success. As a businessman online , increase sales is important to motivate yourself to avoid burnout and despair that so often I naturally or you may have experienced .Nah, to the following tips  index of experience and also some other support resources on the steps and  tips to make a successful online store .

Creating Online Store Success
1. Design and Features online store.

It has become a necessity in which a design will greatly affect the outcome sale.Design less professional online store that could impact on prospective buyers lack confidence level to our store, even if there is no element of deception here. For that tips from me, build online store you as beautiful as possible and comfortable the visit by a prospective buyer.For visitors feel more at home see your product collection that will possibly result in a sale. Design in the sense that any further:

  • The color selection template ( Professional online shop template ).
  • The combination of features such as (Navigation, slideshows, banners, etc.)
  • Clarity about the way of shopping, delivery method,  and no less important way PAYMENTS.
  • Widget contacts and a clear address to facilitate buyers to contact you.

2. Customer Care Service.

This is an online store brow, where people may want to call or even purchase products anytime and anywhere. For that you are required to be ready to serve whenever they contact you. What if the buyer to contact me at midnight .. ??   where the importance of clarity of the design of the store I described above.For overcome this problem, you can explain in your store such as:
  • Time and hours in your online store.
  • Maximum online customer service in your online store.
That way buyers will not call you out of hours that have been determined above.No stop there, be a customer there is also a shorter trick.Untuk me explain point-pointnya only:
  • Quick response to the message from the buyer.
  • Say THANK YOU before replying to a message from the buyer.
  • Receive advice and feedback to the patient.
  • Immediately apologize if there is a problem even though it’s not from us self.Example(delay in delivery, slow response and other issues.

3. Product Photos Interesting and Quality.

Well this is one key to a successful online store if you ask my self.Dengan provide image quality and clarity of your product will provide shopping destinations outside biasa.Kreteria interesting photo here:

  • The quality of a good product photo (photo rupture / opaque)
  • Complete product photos from all angles (example of front, rear and side)
  • Prior uploaded photo should be minimized / compress in order not heavy when loading the browser.
The above three points is vital considering we only sell image / picture as an intermediary with buyer.So try things mentioned above can be met properly.

4. Build sales system Reseller.

Maybe you can sell the product alone, but if the results can be maximized when compared with sales in the reseller help .. ?? One of my experience where a sales increase over time is because their reseller(People who re-sell our goods at a certain discount).
Give them clarity about the system and the agreement that must be obeyed by resellers such as the amount of discount per item, delivery systems, update catalogs and other further other.Steps reseller serve well, because he will provide a way to reach more market large.Following some advantages their reseller in my opinion:
  • Increase the number of sales.
  • Reaching a large market share.
  • It is not impossible pave the way towards the success of our store.

5. Learn internet marketing and SEO.

Most Internet users often called Netter find information they need through search engines or search engines such as Google , bink, yahoo, etc, including looking for items that they need.Here you need to know the name of SEO (Search Engine Optimize) for the website or your online store is able to compete on the first page of google to obtain sales big potential .Because why it is most needed:

  • Visitors coming from search engines 90% indeed need what they are looking for.
  • Potential sales will be a success if the online store you are on page one of google.