The beach became one of the tourist destinations most suitable to eliminate the sense of fatigue after working or doing more intensive activity. Fine sand beach, the sound waves that slamming sand and rocks, wind gusts up to hardness typical beach is considered effective to eliminate stress.

objects that must be taken while on vacation to the beach - camera

So do not be surprised  Toppers many people who choose the beach as a place to spend the holidays. Well for you who are planning a vacation to the beach, there are 8 Mandatory This Thing You Take time to Coastal Vacations, Do Until Something Missed! .Approximately what the object seventh ? Instead of curiosity, let’s just find out directly below.

1. Do not saltum. Bring clothes made from lightweight and thin aja

Although the beaches tend to strong wind gusts, at the Boat to gili trawangan beach does not mean it was cold Toppers. Any tight as the sea breeze, you will still feel the heat due to direct sunlight passed. Well so do not feel the heat, avoid wearing clothes made of thick. Before leaving for the beach, prepare clothes made from lightweight, thin and thus has a good ability to absorb sweat.

Cotton tank top and shorts could be one alternative style of dress that you can wear when the beach. Simple and still can make you look stylish.

2. Wear sunglasses to avoid eye line when the sun

Sunglasses or sunglasses became one of the mandatory items you bring to the beach. Not just for  style, the main function of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the glare of sunlight.

3. Let pas return not punctate so, do not forget to wear sunblock

To the beach not wearing sunblock? Get ready to just go home with a sunburn. Do not let you sacrifice your skin Toppers, to prevent sunburn, you should always apply all parts of your skin with sunblock SPF 30 or SPF 50 with good quality, as well as swimming at the beach.

In addition to preventing sunburn and becomes black, the use of sunblock is also intended to protect the skin from dangerous UV rays that can cause cancer to other dangerous diseases.

4. Do not forget to wear a fedora hat to protect your face from the sun

The face became one of the most important parts that you have to protect from the sun.In addition to using sunblock, you can also provide more protection for the face by wearing a hat that is wide at the top, like a fedora hat. Although it’s not 100% protect your face from the sun, but at least this fedora hat can reduce the ill effects of the sun.

5. Wear Keds shoes, especially high heels flat shoes to the beach? BIG NO NO! Wear flip-flops aja kok kece

Turkish  place for holidays, not a place for  style especially for the catwalk. So the name of Keds shoes, flat shoes, especially high heels, mending you stay at home. Flip-flops can you make the best friend to wear while walking down the beach sand soft texture. For a more visible anti-mainstream, you can bring flip flops with cute motifs and images that are now widely sold offline and online.


6. Bring always beach cloth to be used as bedding or wrapped skirt

In order all 6 items required when you take a vacation to the beach, there are beach cloth. By bringing width scarf is certainly easier when you will want to lie on the fine sand beach, you can make it as bedding. In addition, you can also use this fabric for a skirt ridden after swimming in the sea water.

7. Do not you dare dehydration, always tenteng water in your bag

Coastal air tends to heat and contains salt water that evaporates from the ocean makes you any body fluid drained faster. Therefore, do not forget to always carrying a few bottles of water when going to the beach, well, Toppers. Frequently drinking water while you sunbathe on the beach, especially after swimming in the sea.

8. No pic = hoax, do not forget to bring a camera so that could “show off” to friends in medsos if you Abis holidays

Documentation is important! Well for you who like to “show off” holiday photos, do not forget to bring a camera well. If you do not have a camera like a pro slr camera, you simply use the smartphone’s camera really. The most important thing you should be able to adjust the lighting as well as possible and use the techniques right photo.

Well if you want your vacation more fun, do not forget to bring the eighth goods on well Toppers. Have a good vacation! : D