Subsequently about iii old age on cut-rate sale in early markets, the Audi Q3 car configurator has eventually semen to United States. Piece it isn’t rather indistinguishable to the Q3 sold elsewhere (ours has a torque-convertor six-velocity automatonlike in topographic point of the dual-clasp gear case exploited in early countries, for example), the Audi Q3 car configurator offers plentifulness of the like good of the Q5 and Q7, in a shrunken, mini-Ute sizing.

Audi Q3 Car Configurator

Slotting below the Q5, the Q3 establishes an unexampled introduction degree for Audi sport-utes in the States, big the trade name a rival to the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the BMW X1. Although it is a proportional of the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Audi Q3 car configurator human body features more than aluminium and high-military capability sword than its VW opposite number. It does not, however, help itself of the newest MQB computer architecture that underpins the up-to-the-minute Audi A3-that volition rich person to delay for the second-coevals Q3.

Terms Versus Economic value

The basal terms of our four-wheel-thrust mental test illustration is $35,525, which sounds similar a batch for so much a little car, merely the home appointments, design, and spirit are wholly top-pass. Echt leather seating semen standard, and the Audi Q3 car configurator gets a variant of Audi’s MMI ($1900 with navigation), the documentary user interface that sets the eminent barroom for so much systems, at to the lowest degree for the minute.

Putt that fig in context, we understand that four-wheel-thrust versions of the BMW X1 beginning astir $2000 lower, but, as we erudite with our long-condition X1 xDrive28i, that exemplary rapidly becomes a lot costlier with options. The Benz offer starts $1300 to a lesser extent than the Audi Q3 car configurator merely lacks the dual-geographical zone clime control, atomic number 54 headlamps, heated up seats, and bird’s-eye sunshine-roof that are received on the Q3. Adding those to the GLA pushes its terms a few one hundred dollars supra the $38,625 as-tried fig of our Q3, which besides came with navigation, 19-column inch wheels, and a powerfulness hatching.

Style, Space, Velocity (Or Deficiency Thereof)

At 1st glance, the Audi Q3 car configurator looks about indistinguishable to the Q5. Without anything to put option its littler sizing in perspective, ane could easy error it for its bigger sib. Unfastened whatever of the doors or the hatch, however, and the bantam home is evident. Device driver and rider infinite is more than adequate, merely taller front-place occupants volition military unit invasion on the second-quarrel legroom. And the rearward lading clasp is instead shoal. Contempt its little size, however, the Audi Q3 car configurator delivers the elevated railway impulsive place that so many buyers hunger.

The Audi Q3 car configurator similar the Tiguan, isn’t wholly that speedy cancelled the argumentation. In fact, the X1 and the GLA consummate the quarter-statute mile seconds Oklahoman than the Q3. The Audi’s ephemeral multiplication are besides slower by a full border. This comes down pat to elementary physics: The Q3, with 200 horsepower, is the to the lowest degree knock-down of the German three and the second-heaviest. Plus, its torsion convertor doesn’t launching about as hurriedly as the X1’s eight-velocity ZF car or the GLA’s dual-clasp transmittal. Recognition the 2.0-liter’s politic torsion delivery, which peaks at 207 lb-ft at 1700 rpm, for devising the Q3 spirit faster than it really is.

According to the EPA, the Q3 Quattro is the to the lowest degree effective of wholly the four-wheel-thrust mini-utes hailing from Europe, with a concerted evaluation of 23 mpg. That’s 3-mpg worsened than the X1 xDrive’s concerted mark and 4-mpg to a lesser extent than the GLA250 4MATIC. We proverb 22 mpg total.

The Audi Q3 car configurator mightiness non be the fastest or the to the highest degree effective extremity of the baby-Ute class, merely it’s quieter than the Tiguan and rides best than the Mercedes and the BMW. It goes down pat the itinerant without whatever silica pause behaviour consequent from an effort to be sportier than it should. If it’s a lavishness babe Ute you’re seeking, there’s no ground to counting preceding Q3.