Did you know most terrible eruptions in the world, this reason According to geologists, geographically Indonesia is a country that is surrounded by a ring of fire in the path of the volcano. This can be seen when Mount Sinabung and Mount Kelud erupted devastating in the same time. It turned out that the eruption… Read More

How To Treat And Cure Liver Injury Healing Wounds Heart Not Always Easy Hearts who was injured when he was betrayed by the people who love? When a hard struggle instead ended with underrated? When insulted because it is not he have? At least once in his life, a person must have experienced liver injury… Read More

Principle of Guidance and Counseling Service delivery and support activities of guidance and counseling in addition to loaded by the function and is based on certain principles, must also meet a number of principles for guidance. The fulfillment of the principles of guidance that will facilitate the implementation and ensure the success of the service… Read More

Exaltation Road, Solutions that Increase Flooding Problems In the rainy season, the biggest concern in Indonesia, especially in cities such as Jakarta and Semarang, is the problem of flooding. It is inevitable that every year, flooding has always been a problem, and even less to paralyze activities in those cities. What is even worse is… Read More

Less Vitamin B1, Kena Disease Risk Pregnant Women Give, Give If women experience a deficiency of thiamine, mothers at risk of developing the disease beriberi. If not treated immediately, the safety of the mother could be threatened. Beriberi disease is a medical disorder caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1. There are two types of… Read More

Reducing the Effects of Passive Smokers With Acupuncture Therapy Reduce the effects of passive smoking with acupuncture therapy is actually one of the benefits of acupuncture treatment that can be done yourself easily at home. Along with the development of acupuncture techniques at the present time, this is no longer acupuncture needles to use the… Read More

Definition Definition and Remediation Remediation has a sense that nobody else is a process to clean up the environment free from pollution. In usually, this step is applied to clean up contaminated soil on a nan toxic substances that are harmful to the body or the surrounding environment. Thus, the process of recovery can be… Read More

Jackfruit Fruit Benefits For Health Jackfruit is a fruit that is very similar to a jack fruit jackfruit has a rough skin like thorns but not sharp. Jackfruit is when young has a green skin color, but if it had been cooked a little color change is by no yellowish color, but sometimes there is… Read More

BENEFITS AND BENEFITS FOR HEALTH PETAI BENEFITS AND INDICATIONS PETAI / PETE FOR HEALTH Petai contains sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. All three of these substances is a natural sugar that can produce instant energy but old enough and big enough effect to those who consume them. In fact, the protein content in… Read More

Stop When Have Interest Which of the arrival of a desire? The desire comes from a heart that is always back and forth. It could be a desire that is a good desire, or vice versa. Unfortunately we often do not see anything behind the desire that our attention is focused on desire, not on… Read More