In working with our clients we are always looking for ways to differentiate them from their competition. One behavior we’ve found that does this is for the organization to invest in confirming a scheduled appointment at least one prior to the appointment day. While most physician and dentist offices do this, we have found in the service industry that not everyone does this. There are some compelling reasons to do this. Here’s why:

From the prospect/client’s perspective, a confirmation call:

– Reminds the prospect/client of the appointment, thus making certain he/she are going to be there, establishes the length of the meeting

– Provides an improved understanding of what will happen on the call and sets expectations for both the prospect/client and the sales person

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Summer demands fuss free makeup. A naturally pretty look that would not streak when you sweat. Something that is maintainence that is low which looks great in the beach.

The trouble is, that carefree, nude makeup look is a lot harder to achieve than a painted face. How can you use makeup and look like you were born that way?

Start by taking care of your skin now. Your body consists of what you eat and drink. Eat junk food and drink lots of sweet carbonated water and caffeine, and that’s what your body has to work with. Your skin reflects the continuing state of your health. If your body is complete of junk, your skin is most likely to be spotty, congested or at least, far from its most readily useful. You might get away you are young, but sooner or later, your excesses would catch up with you with it while.

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Is your kid flunking out of school? Is he (or she) completely disinterested in

very nearly everything to do with academics? Are you (and everyone else) almost certain that he is destined become a bum (or at least bum-like)?

Not too fast now! Just when you were certain he wouldn’t amount to anything in life and would be an eternal burden…there that is financial be a “light at the end of the tunnel”!

Contrary to what most people have been told (repeatedly), don’t assume all no-college (or college fall out) is destined to be a failure that is financial and the opposite can also be true (i.e. every college grad isn’t automatically destined to financial success).

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I have to make a confession (one that is known by so few). Although I’ve hung out with a few guys, I have never had a date that is real. It seems a little weird to say that I am 30 and have never had a real date, but I know I can’t be the only woman who this describes. It just boggles my brain, for whatever reason, this can occur to no fault of the lady. I would ike to explain. We am a reasonably intelligent, educated, passionate woman. I am a world traveler, who enjoys laughing, adventure, and loving life. Okay, so I am picky–very picky, with high expectations and standards. I have friends who want me to lower my standards, but to me that says they don’t think I deserve what I think I deserve. I refuse to settle. I don’t believe in doing it, and I have known too many people who have done it in various areas of their lives.

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The world moved mobile so why should wedding planning be any different. There are apps available for many of devices that many people own already. Wedding planning apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android abound in many of the Internet app stores. The fact is they are becoming so numerous that finding one that is right for you and the things you need to do is getting to be more difficult.

So just what is it that you should certainly look for when choosing a wedding application? This is actually the short list. Here are the top 10 things a great wedding planner app should be able to complete.

1.Stay on task! The ultimate WEDDING CHECKLIST can be personalized the way you want it

2.Set your budget and keep an eye on payments with the BUDGET that is easy-to-use CALCULATOR

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