Definition and History About Computers

In everyday society modern era, as now, the computer would not be a strange thing. However, did you know about the history of this powerful tool?


The word “computer” is derived from the Latin word meaning computare count. So, at first the computer is an electronic counting machines. Along with the development and advancement of technology, computers became a tool used for processing, managing, and storing data according to the procedures that have been formulated.

In the present era, the computer also has many functions such as typing, drawing, running a game program, and many functions that simplify people’s lives everyday.

To become unified computer, required hardware, software and brain-ware. As for pengoprasiannya, a computer is supported by the operating system as well as other supporting software.

The equipment that make up a computer is an electronic device that help each other and form a system of specific work. The tools can be divided into equipment input, output, and processes.

Computers were first made turned out to have a shape and a very large size. Manifold mainframe computer was made in 1946 in the United States. But now, computers have come in all sizes and shapes, meet the needs of every variety of different people.

No PC or Personal Computer is widely used at home and istitusi such as schools and offices. There is also shaped like a small suitcase, has called notebook or laptop, the computer of this type has a small size so it is more practical and can be taken anywhere.

The development of computer technology will not stop and will continue to evolve until later. It all started from small objects that are very sophisticated and have a remarkable ability, ie a chip on which the computer hardware and compiler.