Although your house is minimalist, you can leave the space in front of the house as a home garden minimalist. This will be the eye candy you before entering the house. For the garden, use the grass is very necessary in order to impress the cool garden. You can also reinforce the park with road  that in using gravel or flooring made ​​from natural stone. How to Design Stylish Modern Minimalist Home Garden There is an element of nature that you enter will make the park more lively. For plants, you can choose a small tree can not grow big  because if the plants grow large, you will experience problems with the house is too close to the park.

Park minimalist house with gravel and pedestrian paths

Very much example minimalist home garden image that you can apply. Many magazines that publish many images parks to choose from. Not only that, you can get japanese foyer design a lot of pictures on the internet examples parks. With the latest image, you can choose to sample modern park your minimalist home.

Modern Minimalist Home Garden Idea

In order to get the garden modern minimalist home , the first thing you should do is to apply the concept of footpaths and grass. This is the second important element in creating a modern garden. You can choose a straight road with few turns or choose the path of a curve. Options can be based on your taste. For the lawn, you should select Japanese grass because it has a soft texture and is very pretty. Tidy it was also very easy. Do not choose the type of grass because it is not good to beautify a small garden.

In addition to gravel and pedestrian path, here are some ideas that you can apply to produce a beautiful small park and a beautiful landscape in front of your house:

  • In the example picture minimalist home garden , you will definitely see a lot of bonsai plants. Bonsai indeed give the impression or effect though small tree. You can feel the real garden with a mini version.
  • To get an impression of sweet, you can beautify a garden with several types of flowers. Try not to give too many types because it will make the park seem overcrowded. Quite a few types of flowers only but with a neat arrangement. You will get a beautiful view out front.
  • To create the garden minimalist house in front of a cozy as a place to unwind, you can put garden furniture such as a lounger that is not too large. Leisure time seemed fun if spent under the trees while chatting. You will definitely feel the coolness because of the fresh air blowing in the park.

You can also teach your child to care for garden gardening or planting new flowers in pots. Your child will surely be pleased with the outdoor activities and she could learn about nature. If from a small child has been accustomed to close to nature, then he will grow up to uphold the principles of nature and will not act arbitrarily and destroy nature.