Effects of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a common procedure used to make the face look younger and brighter. How Microdermabrasion carried out by spraying the crystal to the entire surface of the face using a tool on the tool then suck back the crystal and the upper skin layers to be removed. This method has been widely used but is there any effect of this for health Microdermabrasion facial?cara memutihkan selangkangan yang hitam



According to experts, Microdermabrasion can work well when done through a series of treatments are usually carried out for 7-10 days. Significant improvements can be seen after going through the first stage treatment. Normally the skin will get smoother and look healthier. After several stages of treatment usually oil content will be reduced, shrinking pores and skin is thick to thin. Usually also existing wrinkles will be smooth.

Effects of MikrodermabrasiEfek of other Microdermabrasion is the effect on the epidermal layer. Changes in the epidermis layer of the skin to appear before any changes in the dermis layer. Microscopic testing of the epidermal layer shows some changes that make this layer to become healthier.

The thickness of the epidermis layer of the skin is reduced because the new cells are being produced quickly and cells produced was even bigger than the previous one. Cells from the lower layers of the epidermis to connect and create a shape like a basket so that the bond becomes stronger and meetings. The barrier function of the epidermis layer will be messed up for 24 hours and make the skin becomes drier than usual.

But after passing 7 days the skin will become more humid and fresher than ever before. That was the effect of mikrodermabrasi the epidermal layer. How is its effect on the dermis layer of the skin? The dermis is the layer of skin that is most exposed to the effects of microdermabrasion. Chemical changes occur quickly because the dermis layer becomes thicker and healthier after passing through several stages of skin care. By increasing the dermis layer of collagen also become more numerous and well-organized.

The amount of elastic fibers and fibroblasts are cells that make collagen also increased. Changes in the blood vessels showed increased blood flow in the dermis layer of the skin, especially in the repair process is being carried out. So, you are interested in doing Microdermabrasion? Please consult with your physician.