COMPETITION run around the temple in Yogyakarta is not only followed from the ordinary people, but this race was also attended athletes PON.
Enliven Athletes Running Around Temple
darajat garut
Army soldiers from Infantry Battalion 411 / R / 6/2 Strategic Reserve Command, Central Java Thanks Tologana got the third place in the race rivet temple at Prambanan temple complex, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
He took part in the race keciling temple with a distance of 5 kilos. While the two winners of this category achieved Rafi Rahman Putra from Gunung. Rafi also received a medal plus money coaching Rp3.5 million.
And the first prize category 5 kilo held the young man from Riau, Elisa Garnasi who takes home Rp 5 million from the committee and achievements.
“We announce the three winners of first, for the men’s category, third place was achieved Kostrad soldiers Salagita, Central Java,” the committee said in announcing sweepstakes winners, Sunday (29/11/2015).
While for women achieved Rica Ayu Wulandari, Gunung origin. Second prize, Kartini Rahayu also from Gunung, while the first prize won Ferry of East Kalimantan. They also got money coaching plus medals similar to male participants.
“To run around the temple to temple category 5 kilos only taken 19 minutes for the man who champions Mining, while among women reached 22 minutes, remarkable participants of this run,” he said.
As for the race route 10 kilos achieved Nur Sodik of Bantul to the men’s category first prize. He takes home 10 million plus medals.
For two champions, held Ranto from Magelang, Central Java. He only spent 34 minutes in a distance of 10 kilometers. In addition to bringing home a medal, he also mengembol guiding money amounting to Rp7.5 million from the committee.
For the third winner won Soiman haw, from Wonosobo. Haw also takes home Rp 5 million plus coaching achievements of the committee.
While for women, the first winner of the 10 kilo held Yulianingsih, from Blitar, East Java. He is only taking 40 minutes to solve the finish line. Money coaching 10 million plus any medal hands of the committee.
Difference in a few seconds with two champions, Erni Waningsih, from Salatiga, Central Java. Erni is running athletes who won gold medals in PON Raiu some time ago. The committee also gave money for her coaching Rp7.5 million.
Lastly, the third winner for the women’s category won the women’s 10 kilos from Riau, Yanitasari. Money coaching Rp 5 million from the committee plus medal taken to fly to Raiu.
Expert Staff Multicultural Ministry of Tourism, Hari Untoro Dradjat delivered, all participants of the race nothing to lose, although not reaching the finish line perfectly.
“All participants wins, nobody loses. The photo Selfi also won, because the purpose of this race is not just winning or losing,” said Day.
He even enter the race although it is not won. However, Hari said they were proud because this event is not just a sport, but also preserve the culture and visiting places of cultural heritage of the nation.