How Bathing Baby – Bathing is an important activity that must be done correctly by parents. In addition intended to clean the baby’s body, washing the baby needs to be done carefully so as not to hurt the baby mengingingat baby’s condition is very weak. Moreover, bathing is an important part of baby care. Here are some ways and tips that can be done by parents in a baby bath:

Prepare in advance the purposes of the baby shower.
Fill warm water (36-37 C) to the bath, check the temperature.
Open clothes, wrap a towel on your lap, rub his eyes with cotton soaked with cold boiled water, wipe around the face and mouth.
Clean the eye from the outside to the inside, use a cotton swab moistened.
Rinse the head, face, neck, chest, arms, back and legs. Note the crease area.
Sabunilah head and body. Use washlap. Choose a formal baby soap with PH balance to avoid pain in the eye.
Keramasi hair, holding his head on the bathtub. Drain, remove the towel, place one hand under his shoulder, while the other hand is placed on the butt. Enter the baby slowly into the tub.
Support the neck and shoulders, Sabuni and rinse. Hold your butt and lift. Wrap a towel. Pat-pat to dry. Let the baby wrapped in a towel while dressing and diaper.

There are several things to consider in bathing the baby, especially in certain parts where the conditions are so difficult to reach and also considering the condition of the baby’s skin is still sensitive. The specific areas are:

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