How To Fix Damaged Hair Naturally.

For most people the hair is a Crown of beauty that must be preserved and cared for. Do not let the Crown can be proud that we are defective, or experiencing loss simply because of our lack of attention to the hair growth and health. clean the hair using shampoo just isn’t enough, you need another treatment or another treatment to your hair can grow and develop with healthy, thick, long, lustrous. In this article we will discuss about how to fix damaged hair naturally. There are two things you should pay attention to in doing hair care. First avoiding the unhealthy life pattern, including unhealthy eating patterns, and secondly providing nutrients to the hair.

The second thing is an important factor that can affect the health of the hair. Straight away we discussed about how to fix damaged hair are naturally the first. The consumption of nutritious food as already communicated earlier above, nutritious diet is essential for hair growth and for the health of the hair. Consumption of food containing the protein both vegetable and animal protein, and consumption of fibrous food as well. Both types of food are good for the hair follicles. Not only the consumption of nutritious food for healthy hair, you should also do a treatment from the outside that is granting or vitamin serum or doing a special massage to stimulate the growing swell of your hair.

Damaged Hair Naturally


Tips on overcoming the second damaged hair is to use a deep conditioner. Use a deep conditioner is actually quite helpful to improve the health of your hair, this is because the use of conditioner in your hair for keeping the humidity of the hair, so as not to look dry, broken, and finally your hair into a loss. Use a deep conditioner after shampooing regularly, make sure also products that you use are products that contain natural ingredients, and also has a circulation permit from BPOM from. Third, avoid using heat conduction equipment for hair care. Products or equipment in question was a hairdryer and catok. Both of these tools are not very good for the health of the hair, this is because if the hair tools often use you instead will become dry, easily broken, and loss

Tips for coping with the fourth damaged hair is to use natural oils, such as olive oil and massage of the head to stimulate hair growth on the head. Natural oils are useful as a replacement for the conditioner because its functions are alike to keep the humidity of the hair. Massage or head massage is also very good to stimulate the body secretes a specific hormone or produces for hair growth. Final consumption tips foods or supplements containing vitamin e. vitamin E is good for fertility, including for hair growth, consumption of sprouts, etc. Are excellent for hair. So, may be useful.