Julie Estelle sake Reject Hollywood Film Indonesia – Some time ago, through his Facebook account, film director, Albert Pyun announced that actress Julie Estelle will play a role in the latest big screen she’s working on, Kickboxer: City Of Blood. However, it admitted canceled Julie play. Why?

“It is true that there was an offer to play in the film directed by Albert. But because there was another movie project in Indonesia, I took baseball,” said film star Coffee philosophy in an interview after the press conference EFX Forum at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday ( 12.03.2015).

The film was prepared Albert as a continuation of the series of five sequels Kickboxer first starring actor Jean Claude Van Damme in 1989. It is planned beforehand, sister artist and VJ Cathy Sharon’s role will act as Tun, secret agents who want to capture and kill Jenny.

Nevertheless Julie did not regret the decision to reject the chance to compete acting with Hollywood star Sasha Mitchell, Clare Kramer, and Dennis Chan, who took part in the film.

Source : http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2013/09/16/1019542JulieEstelle2780x390.jpg

Source : http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2013/09/16/1019542JulieEstelle2780x390.jpg

“If emang sustenance, will also return again. I also have a commitment to work in Indonesia. Probably because they do not mate. But if a mate, there will be another bid,” he said. film indonesia terbaru

City of Blood which was scheduled to be aired this year, the sixth series Kickboxer who worked alongside Cynthia Curnan Jenry Luk as a producer, and Kipp Downing as executive producers. However, this is a different project with the reboot Kickboxer movie ever directed by John Stockwell and starring Alain Moussi.

Interestingly, the first Kickboxer star, Jean Claude Van Damme will only act as a different character in the latest Kickboxer later. While the character of Kurt Sloane will be played Moussi.