Make it easier for Making Visa, Turkey asked to More Vigilant Applicant Extremists

The Turkish government facilitate visas for citizens of other countries who want to visit the country.

In response, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry warned the country to be more vigilant. Because, later Turkey used as the entrance of people who will go to Syria.

“We have warned the neighboring countries, there are indications of extremist movements there. So are reminded to be careful giving a visa,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasir Armanatha in Jakarta, Friday (27/11).

Currently, only to spend 500 thousand, everyone can get entry visa to Turkey. Tata, greeting Armanatha, reveals in fact it was reasonable in order to boost the influx of tourists from other countries. But it should still be careful tour ke turki.

Donor countries visa, is expected to monitor in detail the information the applicant. After the terror events in Paris, France, Indonesia warned other countries to remain vigilant.

“We have long been doing it (remind). Especially in the embassies of Middle East countries here,” he said.