How to Make a Simple Mini Aquarium at Home -Aquarium is one of the container vessel of water which serves as a substitute for an ornamental fish, such as koi fish, Hickey and others. Allow fish can be used as home decoration, guns no harm if we try make simple Aquarium without having to buy in the store.

How to Make a Mini Aquarium

Typically, Aquarium placed in the living room or even a family lounge. In addition to beautifying the home decor, Aquarium also believed to cool freshwater fish tank ideas relieve stress onshore part some of their ornamental fish hobbyists.

Equipment and Materials How to Make Aquarium

  • Glass, serves as an ingredient in the making
  • Paperclips, serves to clamp the glass into small pieces
  • Glue Glass, use silicone glue which serves to glue the glass so as not to leak
  • Lem Silicon Shoot, as a tool to simplify the assembly process aquarium
  • Duct tape, serves to assist the establishment of glass with another glass so as not shifted so as to facilitate application of glass glue. Use duct tape black plastic or brown.

Glass size in the Process How to Make Aquarium

Commonly used sizes ranging from 3 mm – 16 mm. As a reference in making the aquarium, following some glass chronological list that you can use.

  • Thick glass 3 mm, length 30 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 20 cm, Height 20 cm aquarium
  • Thick glass 3 mm, length 30 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 20 cm, Height 20 cm aquarium
  • Thick glass 3 mm, length 40 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 20 cm, Height 30 cm aquarium
  • Thick glass 3 mm, length 50 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 30 cm, Height 30 cm aquarium
  • Thick glass 5 mm, length 70 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 35 cm, Height 35 cm aquarium
  • Thick glass 3 mm, length 80 cm aquarium, aquarium Width 40 cm, Height 40 cm aquarium

Try to measure the thickness of the tank plus 0.5 to 1 millimeter by the glass to be used. After determining the size and shape of the glass to be used, the next step the cut glass. Try, use a glass which is still in the form of sheets (glass) to make the aquarium.

In the process of making the aquarium, there are some skills that must be mastered in order to aquarium that we make to avoid leaks that can be durable. The membership of the cut glass, designing and assembling the aquarium. After that do tests on a tank that has been made.

Glass cutting in How to Make Aquarium

  1. Put a glass sheet on a flat work table and clean
  2. Adjust the size of the glass to be cut with a form that will be made aqurium
  3. Create glass pattern beforehand with markers and a ruler sebelu make the glass pieces.Once a pattern is formed, the glass can be cut directly by using a glass cutter.
  4. After the glass cut, blend the edges of the glass pieces using a grinding tool or a whetstone karborondum
  5. Adjust the glass to be assembled with the tank that will be created.
  6. Make a scrubbing back on the edge of the glass before it is assembled using a grinder or carborundum whetstone
  7. After all the edges smooth glass, then the assembly process is ready to begin.

-Step Step How to Make Aquarium

  1. Paste glue glass (silicon glue) right in the meeting between the glass pieces
  2. If the glue is already teroles well, the glass part can be fitted small side
  3. Furthermore, the other two sides can be installed
  4. After all the glass paste, adjust their positions with plaques band . Leave it in this condition until the glue dries
  5. After the connection of glass, coated with glue parts to prevent leakage due to adhesion is less than perfect.
  6. Perform steps – steps above slowly and carefully to make it look neat but powerful.

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