Melon Fruit Benefits To Human – Do you already know the benefits of melon? Below we will discuss a variety of benefits to consume melons for our health. Melon is a fruit that tastes sweet and fresh for consumption. No wonder so many people are very fond of this melon fruit. The fruit is also often used as desserts or snacks daily. Please note that the melon is one of the fruit family party with cucumber and squash. To get it was very easy, you can buy these pieces in various places such as fruit shops, traditional markets or the modern market. The price is also not too expensive and very affordable.

Besides the price is cheap and it tastes sweet and fresh, melon provide health benefits for our body. This is because the melons are the contents such as water, vitamins A, B and C. The content is owned by the largest part of melon. But other than that melon also contains other healthy such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, protein, carbohydrates and mineral.Lalu of the contents are owned melon, what are the benefits to be gained for our health?

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Some Benefits of Fruit Melon Based on the nutritional content

Melon has a very high water content, useful things for us to get the freshness when we’re in the hot weather.
Melon is also beneficial for our digestive tract smooth. Manfaat Tumbuhan Because melon contain minerals that can reduce the acidity so that we avoid the disease constipation.
Eating regularly melon will dilute blood clot in the body so that we avoid a stroke.
Melon fruit is also good for those of you who are experiencing sprue disease. This is because water melon contains very high in overcoming the sprue. To get relief quickly, you can take this with a coupled melon fruit such as grapes, tomatoes and oranges.
Eating melon is tertatur every day is good for those of you who often suffer from kidney disease. This dikarnakan melon can restore us to be normal kidney function.

In addition to some of the benefits of melon mentioned above, there are types of melon which provide benefits to certain categories. Melon honeydew melon is a fruit that is well known in Indonesia. Here are some benefits of honeydew melon fruit:

Toddlers: melon is very useful for toddlers because these fruits have the vitamins A, luteine, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin are very good for the health of the baby’s skin. In addition, this fruit also contains calcium is beneficial to keep the baby’s bones. Mineral and vitamin B is content owned honeydew melon that is very good for the health of the baby.
Pregnant women: honeydew melon fruit is also good for pregnant women to the development of fetuses in the womb. This dikarnakan honeydew melon contains folic acid that has that role.
Diet: Not to forget also for those of you who are in the diet, honeydew melon fruit can also be used as a solution because these fruits have the water content and low calorie.

Buying Tips Melon Fruit Quality

If you already know the benefits of melon which is very good for our body, then immediately rushed to get this fruit. If you want to buy a melon, there are a few tips to get fresh melon fruit ripe and well so that you do not buy raw melon fruit or rotten. Here bebeberapa tips on buying fresh fruit ripe melon:

You must choose a melon that has a fresh aroma and fragrant
You should also choose a melon rind that has swollen and chapped.

That’s what you have to do to get fresh fruit and ripe melon. And also if you buy a melon and not directly consume it right away, you should keep a melon in the refrigerator so that can last up to 10 days, because if it is not stored in the refrigerator, melon can only last up to 3 days. What is meant here is the resistance of melon melon if left until the deadline, the content of which is owned melons such as nutrients and nutrient will be lost.