Look cool, stylish and fashionable now not only have to be done by women only. Men also want to look attractive and fashionable. One of them is supported in terms of dress she was wearing. Talking about fashion and clothing in Indonesia, one of the things that is never absent in the discussion entry is batik. Batik today has become one of the fashion icons in Indonesia. Especially after World recognizes batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage, batik popularity skyrocketed. Various types and fashions using batik element in it, as well as models of men’s dress shirt. Not too difficult to choose the model of male batik shirt, batik diverse, making batik shirt men become the best choice to wear clothing. Below are some examples of models batik shirts for men:

• Batik Shirt Men The Trendy
Speaking of the trendy, first in one’s mind is to talk about what is currently booming or being sought. Likewise, the trendy batik shirts for men. Shirt with a modern motif with style and modern color combinations are becoming trendy shirt models. Batik shirt you can use to attend formal occasions and formal, but you also deserve to wear for the event that is more relaxed.

• Combination Batik Shirt
Model batik shirts for men who most recently was a model batik shirt combination. In this case do not use the full batik, but combine it with a plain color. One example is a shirt with a collar and a plain black sleeve, then the chest down in the form of the motif. This shirt models are becoming the latest model and updated. Various well-known designers are conducting experiments to get the best work in making batik shirt combination. If seen, this combination batik shirt is more modern and fashionable, the colors used are also more diverse. If you want to look fashionable and stylish, you can choose your shirt to wear batik combination.


• Muslim Batik Shirt
Muslim shirt shirt has become a trend a few years ago, when it was developed by combining elements of batik in it. More Muslim batik shirt looks Islamic, seen from the shape and batik motifs. Muslim batik shirts become the choice of many people who want to look more flexible, compared to wearing a Muslim, Muslim batik shirt does look more flexible and not rigid. If you want to look like that, you can incorporate Muslim batik shirt dress your list. http://kemejapria.net

So there are some examples of batik shirt male models, there are many more models batik shirt that already exist today. Hopefully this information is useful for you, remember not only women who need to look nice and fashionable, you as men must still look attractive and fashionable.