Mystery Masalembo (Bermuda Triangle)

Java Sea that extends horizontally from west to east and Makasar straits were cut vertically from north to the south to create a junction known as Masalembo.

The fall of Adam Air plane that crashed in Masalembo is still a mesteri. Masalembo itself terbialang very prone to air dilalu. In addition to existing aircraft KM Fajar Mas also become part of events Hilan swallow Masalembo waters.

Not long ago KM Source Earlier also helped victims. Already many ships that sank when passing through the territorial waters of Masalembo. Judging from the geographical location there is a current flow of water activity that is not normal in Masalembo.

Many people believe that an empire Masalembo astral beings because many transport that disappeared in the region.

It is said that this area is a meeting katanay strong cold currents of the three waters made many shipwrecks in the region, but Masalembo has a small magnetic field that does not interfere with the navigation system on the aircraft.

From the pattern of the ocean depths is very clear Masalembo meunjukan nearly perfect triangular shape.

Factors meteorolislha suitable as the cause masalemb uniqueness, which is included in meteoroligis factor is the weather, rain, clouds, water moisture and air temperature are becoming the possibility of manifestation of onfigurasi rocks and geological conditions.

Keep in signs air and sea were very advanced for the accident in the waters meminimalisr Masalembo.

Aircraft are prohibited from passing low if it should pass this point, because Masalembo have air pockets where there are very high air flow. So that any object can be sucked through entrance into it.

In this case the cause-penyabab digest logical, because the cause of this has been vetted and existence. Do not hook pautkan with mystical things that kebenerannya never revealed.

Masalembu a dangerous Bermuda triangle in the region of Indonesia, had always Masalembo been many casualties, especially from ships. The evacuation process in the region is difficult because if one reaches the evacuation would be no casualties anymore.