asd2SaludInforma – Area Health Boards It is the body of participation of the population in the area. It is the body closer and closer to the citizens where the question of the health of individuals and society are discussed participation.

What function Area Health Board?

Function Health Board area are:

Know and participate in the diagnosis of Jelly Gamat Gold G health in the area.
Know and participate in regional health plans. Participate in the development and evaluation of health programs in the region. Channel and promote community participation in activities to promote and protect the health and health education in particular.
Channel and evaluate initiatives or suggestions allow improving care and the health status of the area.
Contributing to the revision of the rules of operation.
The annual activity report of the team.
Promote the protection of the rights of the user.
Reports hour operations center.
Proposes the elimination or establishment of local offices in the area and the periodicity of consultations in it.
Collected to propose and promote environmental health problems in the area of ​​solutions.
Informing the department responsible for the physical health of the adequacy of the structure, materials and template endowments in the area.
Proposes to change the Department of Health responsible for the health sector, according to the regulations governing the health map.
Propose and report on any matter proposed by the team leader or health agencies with responsibilities in the field of health.
Collect all the information necessary to achieve its objectives.
Develop internal rules to be approved by the Ministry in charge of Health.
Which is part of the Health Council?

District Health Council consists of:

A representative of the city where the health area is located; if understood more than one city, they can take part, in addition to the head of the board of representatives, up to four more representatives elected from and by the remaining cities that compose it.
In urban areas, they may form part also representatives of cities where health regions are located, up to three representatives of the district council.
A representative of basic social services or social services in the community character of the existing health sector, appointed by the relevant municipal authorities.
Coordinator of the primary care team.
Two representatives of the team, chosen by and from among its members.
A pharmacist practices in the field of health.
Veterinary practice in the field of health.
Two representatives of trade unions, in accordance with the criteria of professionalism in Article 7 of Title III of the Organic Law on Freedom of Association.
A representative of the school board made in the field of health.
Up to four representatives of civil association rooted in the health sector, which is chosen as follows:
A representative of the consumer and user associations based in the area, if any, elected by and from among its members.
A representative of the neighborhood association, based in the area, if any, elected by and from among these.
Representatives of other civic associations rooted in the regions, elected by and from among its members, until the full number of four planned for the overall representation of civil associations.
Current strategy of revitalization Area Health Board

To streamline the Board of Health Location Days where attendees, through a participatory methodology set out the challenges and the front line held.

To implement corrective actions in that direction has established a monitoring committee Area Health Council, composed of people from the Directorate General of Quality and Customer Care, Public Health Service belongs to Aragon and social organizations. In turn, the working group of people who belong to this committee to be involved in the agreement operations perform certain actions.

Issues that are being worked on at the moment is:

How to involve the community in the Health Council Area?
What we need to introduce a mechanism to improve the functioning of the Area Health Board?
How to influence improvement of the quality of life of the Health Council Area?
How to improve the Health Promotion and Health Education in the Community?
How to optimize the communication channels in Area Health Board?
How to combine ICT to increase participation?
Composition and their function is defined in Legislative Decree 2/2004, December 30, the Government of Aragon, approving the revised text of the Act approved Aragon Health Service.