Natural attractions Sanghyang Heuleut increasingly in demand by local tourists, a beautiful atmosphere and cool coupled with the uniqueness of a large rock between green streams, menabah enchanting beauty as far as the eye can see. Located in District Rajamandala West Bandung regency, this location can be reached with a time of 2 hours from downtown Bandung.

“Actually, from the first location was already there, but not many are coming. Only local residents only, rocks about 2 months is crowded because there are visitors who posted her picture on Instagram, the new many are curious,” said Hedi one porter Sanghyang Heuleut, Friday 6 November 2015

Many visitors make the locals open services between or porter to the location, journey through the woods, hills and rivers is also not uncommon to make the visitors lost if not careful with the chosen path. kampung sampireun

All visitors are encouraged to use existing porter services, with pay Rp 15 thousand for each visitor, the porter will guide the trip route that has been safer and easier. By walking for 45 minutes then we come to the intended location.

“The road already use the good, not hard, so for that is not too fond of hiking can pass. If passed another road risk is rather large, through the river the slippery fear da slip or something else equally porter not anyone can nolong” said Hedi

Large rocks with green water between cliffs indeed spoil as far as the eye can see. Visitors can also try out the adrenaline by jumping freely and terjung the river which has a depth of 5 to 8 meters. For visitors who just want to play water can be tested on the sidelines of the rocks that drain water.

“It was the first time and the place cool, taste is not in West Java deh pokonya. The journey emang tired but kebayar deh with the beauty that is in plain sight” Via said Tri, one of the tour visitors

Sanghyang Heuleut addition, we are also able to enjoy the beauty of Poek Trance and Trance Tikoro. These current play back toward the parking lot was longer, but visitors can visit all the attractions available. “We went home pretty much, if going probably about an hour, half the return Sejm there anyway, and nanjak really. But also because our cool sanghyang to others also. Sekalian return all new to the place,” said Prima