Specific Beverly Hills CA Cosmetic Procedure Pre-QuestionsIn 2015 as I am writing this cosmetic surgery procedures are in higher demand than ever before. Problem is, people tend to try to jump into it without being properly informed. This straight to the point two part article is going to help you with that. Beverly Hills is the mecca of plastic surgery; Dr. Firouz, a board certified breast surgeon will help explain some of these common questions.

First thing you must do is check your potential surgeon’s qualifications. There are laws in United States designed to protect you, the consumer, the patient, under which all physicians must properly identify themselves in all promotional/advertising materials, including on their websites.

If you are going for an invasive cosmetic surgery, part you are looking for is that your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

When you speak to your doctor, any evasive answers regarding qualification are a sign to walk away.

Following that, you should have your own cosmetic surgery checklist, where all your questions are answered.

Basic questions you should be asking include:

  1. Does your surgeon have hospital admitting privileges? Can he or she fast track you through hospital bureaucracy should there be any complications?
  2. How many people has your surgeon done this exact procedure on thus far?
  3. Does your surgeon have indemnity insurance (and I strongly advise to ask for proof on that one)?
  4. Repeat questions 1-3 for any additional members of surgery team, but especially for whoever will be your anesthesiologist.
  5. Surgery duration. Check internet for average surgery duration for your exact procedure to compare against.
  6. Emergency protocol. Just in case. Things do go wrong sometimes, and it’s better to ask in advance.
  7. Ask about pain. You should be prepared.
  8. Ask for your surgeons 24/7 line, ideally private cell phone number. It’s not customary, but I always have way of reaching my doctors directly and I strongly advise it.
  9. How long until you can see the results?
  10. What if you are unhappy with the results?
  11. How long will you be unable to work?