Stop When Have Interest

Which of the arrival of a desire? The desire comes from a heart that is always back and forth. It could be a desire that is a good desire, or vice versa. Unfortunately we often do not see anything behind the desire that our attention is focused on desire, not on what is behind the desire.

Sales or marketing experts often say that a person’s decision to buy something, more often caused by desire. Then, the logic justifying that desire. Emotions are often more involved in making decisions than by thought or logic.
If the desire is always we obey, it means our lives will be controlled by emotion. Emotions come from the lust of vulnerable influenced by external factors (iron and Shaytaan). Our subconscious mind, can receive information much faster than the conscious mind. So the patterns formed in the subconscious mind, often times we do not realize. The desire came from there, with the pattern we do not realize. Will we obeyed?
If we always obey desire, meaning that we can not control our lives. Our lives will be tottering as terbolak through them our hearts. The role of logic or sense to be ignored or simply as a justification to our wishes. Really, we mangabaikan mind potential that God has given us.
If we want more control over our lives, the direction that better fits with what we want, then we have to optimize the role of reason before we act. The trick is to stop when they have the desire. Do not direct us comply. Reflect first, whether this desire leads to good or not. You know, only a few people who do this. Most people move like a robot, his life is directed by various external factors that go into our subconscious mind, without us knowing.
I know many people who deny this. They claimed that their lives are not like robots. They claim that they are always using the mind before acting. All of this recognition, because they focus only on the actions they do it consciously. They do not pay attention to what they do unconsciously, as if it never existed. His name is also not aware of. In fact, according to some literature that I read, over 90% of our actions carried out unconsciously. Rahimahullah Al-Hasan said, “May Allah have mercy upon His servants who stopped in while desirous. If for Allah then he carried on and if because besides Him then he left. “[Quoted from the book Qalbu Management, Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya]
Do you still always obey your wishes?
Stop when a desire is one of the techniques in the management of hearts so that your hearts will be qalbun Salim, a healthy liver. We all already know about the source of goodness, which is a good heart. Hadith is so popular, Behold, verily in the body there is a lump of flesh, if either the meat was so good also the whole body and if broken then the broken also the whole body, know a piece of meat that is heart. (HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Who does not know the hadith above? But the extent to which we apply them? One is with restraint when they have the desire. Every desire arises, consider whether this desire leads to goodness, badness, success, failure, good pleasure of Allah, or God kemurakaan?