Tips to Restore Performance Honda Genio

Honda Genio is a sports car by Honda which had been a dream car lovers, but among some of the advantages of the Honda Genio has a weak side in a single device that serves as the control performance which ECU / Engine Control Unit, we often experience that as a result of changes in the setting of post repair has become a new problem on any car owner, namely the fall of the performance or the most frequent runny tug, nyendal gas, and so on.

It really is a very easy thing for us to overcome, we need to recall that the workings of the ECU on the composition of the working device is a car that is as a brain activator, so some sort of computerized system applied in automobile technology, while ECU is in use at the Honda Genio’s still not fully manage the devices on this car, so only some devices are controlled by it, like electricity and injection map, the rest we can fix it manually on the hardware.

Tips to overcome the pull of less spontaneously at Honda Genio (not maximum acceleration) is to restart after repairs ECU, as follows:

Remove the battery connector for 24 hours and then plug it in again

Note: Do not rush to pair back ECU, because it will never happen restart the ECU before 24 o’clock precisely.

With ECU should restart the engine performance of Honda Genio back fiercely and the pull is not slow, if not already apparent significant changes it signifies several possibilities at your Genio, such as:

ECU Honda Genio you already unstable again
Problems of parts that must replace

More precisely again if you decide to consult the workshops that have mechanical berpenggalaman as well as extensive knowledge, because not all the mechanics have the skill and good instincts. Hope it helps you.